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Founded in 2009, Jonesthefone Consulting specialises in providing consulting, advisory and business development services in the telecoms sector.

We enable suppliers and investors to understand the trends, challenges, priorities and buying behaviours of Mobile Network Operators.

Based near Oxford, we are located close to UK’s M4 corridor within 1 hour of central London and Heathrow airport.

Andy Jones


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Andy Jones

Andy Jones has over 30 years of experience in mobile telecommunications. As an engineering graduate in 1989 he joined a young company that his college friends had never heard of - that company’s name was Vodafone. During his 20 year tenure with the company Andy progressed to lead many technology innovation, network transformation and infrastructure procurement programmes. 

From 2005-2009 he served as Vodafone’s Head of Strategy and Architecture with a responsibility covering 20+ global Vodafone markets. Since 2009, Andy has built a thriving independent consulting business, providing strategic insight to 50+ clients with a stake in telecom innovation.

Andy serves on the advisory board of several startups, including Continual - applying AI/ML to network optimisation and monetisation; Dali Wireless - a specialist in fronthaul networking; and Saguna - a pioneer in mobile edge computing.

Andy has seen emerging mobile technologies such as 5G and MEC from more perspectives than most during his career - as an operator intrapeneur; as an advisor and as an independent consultant working with partners in the ecosystem.

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Helen Jones


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Helen Jones is responsible for the financial operations at Jonesthefone, which she combines with her role as a lecturer in business and personal finance at the Open University.

Helen holds a degree in Banking, Insurance and Finance, is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and holds a post graduate certificate in post compulsory education. Sponsored by NatWest at University, Helen worked as a manager in Natwest dealing with SMEs as a relationship manager and from the bank’s credit risk view point.

Prior to leaving banking, Helen held a number of management roles including heading up the Newbury and West Berkshire customer service branch linking. Helen moved on from banking in 2003 to find more flexible employment in financial education until combining this role with that of her directorship at Jonesthefone since 2009.

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Helen Jones
Jonesthefone What We Do

What We Do

We provide independent consultancy, advisory, product validation and business development services to a growing list of clients in the telecommunications sector.

Our goal is to help suppliers and investors understand the trends, challenges, priorities and buying behaviours of the mobile network operator. We help clients at all levels of the supply chain to understand the mindset of the mobile operator as a customer.

We work with startups and bluechips to boost their levels of engagement with tier 1 telcos in order to accelerate market readiness and time-to-market, adoption and deployment of new products and technologies.

We’ve worked on SDN, NFV, SON, MEC, Open RAN, AI/ML & 5G

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Jonesthefone Email Contact

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